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Jalapeño pepper cream


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Made with fresh Jalapeño, a chili pepper that is the star of many dishes in Mexican cuisine.


Our creams consist of 92 percent fresh organic chili with only the addition of oil and salt, so a very small amount is enough to flavor any dish or sauce. It can be used in small doses to create your own spicy seasoning and even stored outside the refrigerator as long as it remains covered with a thin trickle of oil-that is its natural preservative. Jalapeño is a capsicum annuum well known in Europe, the fruit has a very thick flesh and a pungency that can reach 10,000 SHU. It was the first chili pepper to go into space: in 1982 astronaut Bill Lenoir, used to eating them like candy, took a bag of them on a mission to keep fit. In fact, chili peppers are the vegetable that contains the most vitamin C ever, as much as five times more than citrus fruits.



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