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Chili Eating Contest 8/23/2015 @ Chili Day


Does super-spicy eating appeal to you? On Sunday, Aug. 23 at 8 p.m., don't miss the 4th Chili Eating Contest on Chili Day! Contestants will compete with super spicy chili peppers served on an ascending scale: Poblano or Piquillo, Jalapeno, Aji or Erotico, Habanero Red Savina or Madame Jeanette, and, to top it off, Naga Morich. In case of a tie, the finalists will try their hand at Bhut Jolokia Chocolate,Moruga Red and Trinidad Scorpion B.T.-among the hottest in the world! The winner will take home a well-deserved first prize, spicy of course, and all competitors will be presented with a participation award. The Competition will not only be a moment of entertainment but also an in-depth cultural exploration to discover the peculiarities behind every single variety of chili pepper proposed to the participants. In fact, thanks to the contribution of Massimo Biagi, among the leading experts on chili peppers and chili-related gastronomy in Europe, it will be possible to learn about the characteristics of each individual species in the competition. For registration, open until midnight on Saturday, August 22,write to info@mrpic.it or call 340-7138797. Useful information At the competition, which will be attended by a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 competitors, only those over the age of 18 may register. Mr Pic staff reserves the right to select participants. Contestants will be required to sign a waiver in which they assume full responsibility for any consequences caused by participating in the competition. The competition will be constantly manned by a Medical Doctor who will be in charge of monitoring the health of the competitors, reserving the right to remove those he/she deems no longer fit to continue. Event location and date: Sunday, August 23, 2015 8 p.m. at Peperoncino Day (Villa Borbone, Viareggio). RULES OF THE 2015 Peperoncino Eating Contest 1. The Contest will be held only with a minimum number of 5 participants and a maximum number of 10. 2. Only those over the age of 18 may participate. 3. To register you can write to info@mrpic.it 4. Registration will be open, considering the maximum limit of 10 competitors, until midnight on Saturday, 22/08/2015. 5. Competitors will compete while eating fresh fruits of Chili, produced in Azienda Carmazzi. 6. The scale is as follows: low spiciness with Poblano or Piquillo; medium-low with Jalapeno; medium with Aji or Erotico; high with Habanero Red Savina or Madame Jeanette; extreme spiciness with Naga Morich. 7. In the event of a tie, the following fresh fruits, all of extreme spiciness, will be used: Bhut Jolokia Chocolate, Moruga Red, Trinidad Scorpion B.T. 8. The Competition will be constantly monitored and attended by a Doctor who, evaluating the state of health, will have the discretion to eliminate competitors he/she deems unfit to continue. 9. The Jury will be composed of qualified Mr Pic personnel. 10. The winner will be presented with a surprise spicy prize. 11. Other participants will, however, be offered recognition for bravery and participation.


Carmazzi Farm has been practicing organic farming since 1989 and has obtained several prestigious quality certifications over the years.


Guided tours

We organize summer tours in our greenhouses to discover curiosities and secrets about the edible flowers and about the largest collection of chili peppers in Europe!

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