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Our chili line

Mr PIC® is the flagship of the Carmazzi Company, a major player in the Tuscan floriculture sector with more than a century of history, which has been growing chili peppers since 1970. Thanks to the breadth of our seed bank, the improvements made to production techniques over time, and prestigious collaborations, including that with the Italian Chili Pepper Academy, the World Chilli Alliance, and the University of Pisa, the Mr PIC brand now boasts an excellent image nationally and internationally.

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Mr PIC® products.

From the arrogant piquancy of Carmazzi chilies comes a line of products with unique and unmistakable flavors, dedicated to lovers of spicy and good food, combining the absolute quality of our products with Italian culinary tradition.

Mr PIC® products include concentrated creams, ultra-pure powders, mince, compotes, honey, sauces and gravies, barbecue sauces, chili peppers in oil, condiments, craft beer, traditional cookies, pasta, dark chocolate and a delicious hazelnut spread. The products are made with different varieties of chili peppers associated with as many degrees of spiciness so as to please every palate. In 2022 Mr PIC® launched a chili pepper-based hydroalcoholic extract intended for the mixology sector, but which retains all the beneficial properties of our favorite spice: Erotico®.

Origins of Mr. PIC®

Origins of Mr. PIC®

The Carmazzi company boasts one of the largest and most important collections of chili pepper plants in the world (our seed bank now has more than 1,500 varieties) built by working for decades with Massimo Biagi, a well-known expert on this cultuivar and technician at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Pisa. Massimo, a great friend before being a colleague, who has always been a lover of flowers and vegetables, began to be passionate about chili peppers in the 1990s. Head of the Scientific Committee of the National Chili Pepper Academy, whose Versilia delegation he founded, he worked closely with renowned scholar Dave DeWitt, The Pope of Peppers. Massimo is credited with the introduction of Habanero in Italy and countless in-depth studies on chili peppers that have immense scientific value. Working with the Carmazzi company, Massimo has cultivated numerous hybrids that are now registered trademarks, including Harlequin Versilia®, Rustico Versilia®, Habanero Clover®, Coyote's Tooth®, Habanero Gold®, Erotico®, Monkey's Nipple® and the extremely rare Sahara Pimento®. Massimo, a reference point for all spicy lovers, passed away in June 2017 leaving an unbridgeable void in the hearts of the many people who loved him and who continue to carry on, in his name, their passion and their many projects. The Biagi-Carmazzi Collection was officially surveyed in 2019 during the eighth edition of Peperoncino Day® by the Accademia Italiana del Peperoncino and the World Chilli Alliance, setting a world record for the largest number of chili pepper varieties ever exhibited simultaneously to the public.

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Chili products

All products born from our passion for the chili pepper plant, which has been grown organically for more than 50 years to obtain a first-rate crop.


Chili pepper plants

Our most sought-after plants, part of the world's largest collection developed in collaboration with Massimo Biagi, which to date includes more than 1,500 varieties.

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