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Chili Day

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We look forward to meeting you at the next Chili Day®.

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Peperoncino Day - Coltura e Cultura® is one of the benchmark events in Europe in terms of spreading the culture of chili peppers. Organized by the Carmazzi Company in collaboration with the STOPS agency and the brainchild of Adolfo Giannecchini, it has attracted tens of thousands of enthusiasts from all over the continent in eight editions and hosted personalities from the worlds of entertainment, culture and high gastronomy. The numerous conferences that have enlivened the event over the years have also been attended by members of regional and national institutions, along with delegates from the Italian Chili Pepper Academy and the World Chilli Alliance, a nonprofit organization based in Chongqing that works to spread the culture of chili peppers around the world. After seven editions held in the splendid Villa Borbone in Viareggio, one of Tuscany's most famous historic residences, the eighth edition was exceptionally set up on the Passeggiata, the wonderful seaside boulevard of the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Here, in front of the entire citizenry and an audience of countless enthusiasts, the Biagi-Carmazzi Collection comprising 1,133 different varieties of chili peppers representative of every corner of the planet was exhibited in its entirety. Realized over decades of work by the Carmazzi company and the late Massimo Biagi, an invaluable collaborator and friend who passed away in 2017, the Collection has been definitively certified as the largest existing in the world and as a true heritage of biodiversity.

Chili World

All products born from our passion for the chili pepper plant, cultivated organically for more than 30 years to obtain a first-rate crop.


Our chili peppers

Our most sought-after plants, part of Europe's largest collection
in collaboration with Massimo Biagi, which to date includes more than 1,500 varieties.

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