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Guided Tours


Company tour

for groups of minimum 10 participants
  • Duration of one hour
  • Visit to the organic greenhouse of edible flowers
  • Visit to the hot pepper greenhouse
  • Mr PIC® Showroom Visit
  • 5.00 per person, free under 15 years old

Once again this year the Carmazzi Company is organizing summer tours of its greenhouses, during which you can discover curiosities and secrets about edible flowers and the largest collection of chili peppers in Europe!

Visit to the edible flowers organic greenhouse: an attendant will take you inside the greenhouse where all our edible flower varieties are grown, describing the cultivation, the main characteristics of the flowers, their nutraceutical properties and taking you on a unique sensory journey!

Chili pepper greenhouse visit: in the second part of the tour you will be taken to the chili pepper greenhouse and discover anecdotes and scientific and gastronomic trivia about the quintessential spicy fruit! You will also explore the famous Biagi-Carmazzi collection that has the largest number in the world, many of which are an exclusive to the Carmazzi Company.

Mr PIC® Showroom: the tour will end at the Mr PIC® showroom, where a tasting of our chili products and BIO® Edible Flowers will be held. In the showroom you will also be able to buy Mr PIC® specialties and gadgets, the largest line of spicy products in Italy!

...What are you waiting for? Contact us on WhatsApp by clicking here or email us at lorenzopicchi@mrpic.it and book your farm tour! The cost of the tour is €5.00 per person, children under 15 do not pay.

Can't group 10 people together but would still like to visit? No problem! Contact us anyway and we will arrange a customized tour according to your needs!

Carmazzi Company

Carmazzi Farm has been practicing organic farming since 1989 and has obtained several prestigious quality certifications over the years.


The Mr PIC® brand.

The Mr PIC® brand was born from our passion for the chili pepper plant, at once a vegetable, fruit, aroma and spice.

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