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1st Chili Eating Contest


Saturday, September 27 as part of La Festa dello Zuccone goes on stage the competition based on Mr Pic® chilies produced by Azienda Carmazzi It will take place during the evening of Saturday, September 27 at the river park of La Rotta (Pontedera) as part of the 2014 edition of La Festa dello Zuccone the exciting food competition organized in collaboration with Azienda Carmazzi. For the first year, a number of daredevils with "mouths of fire" will compete in spicy contests: in front of them mixes of Mr. Pic® chilies of increasing spiciness, to be "tasted" exclusively with water, wine, bread and oil. The winner will be whoever gets up last from the table after eating all the spicy fruits provided. Parallel to the "Chili Eating Contest" there will be a "spicy" dinner open to all, organized by the group of "The Brick." Now in its third edition, "La Festa dello Zuccone," the event dedicated to record-breaking vegetables organized by Agritalia, "Lo Zuccone" club and "Il Mattone" association, has many new features and will be held for the first time on two days, Saturday, Sept. 27 and Sunday, Sept. 28. Below is the full program of the event: Saturday, Sept. 27 - 3:30 p.m.: Giant Pumpkins Exhibition and presentation of the story 120 Years of the Wheat Harvest." Machinery and equipment display with demonstration. Wheat thrashers performance.


Carmazzi Farm has been practicing organic farming since 1989 and has obtained several prestigious quality certifications over the years.


Guided tours

We organize summer tours in our greenhouses to discover curiosities and secrets about the edible flowers and about the largest collection of chili peppers in Europe!

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