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The Mr PIC® world, for true chili lovers

For over fifty years, our passion has been growing chili peppers: fruit, vegetable, aroma, spice? Much more: culture!

Our goal? To bring to your tables and homes Italian chili peppers of exceptional quality.

  • First in the world!
  • First in the world!

    The largest collection of varieties of chili peppers in the world

    On the occasion of the eighth edition of Chili Day®, the Carmazzi company set a record for the largest collection of chili fruits ever exhibited in the world. The 1,133 varieties in the Biagi-Carmazzi Collection were surveyed and certified by the Italian Chili Academy and the World Chilli Alliance.
  • More than a century of history
  • More than a century of history

    Our experience has always been at your service

    The Carmazzi company began farming in 1860 and has been growing chili peppers for more than fifty years. Guardians of ancient traditions, we have made research and innovation the founding values of our business philosophy.
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